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Hopefully you caught Gorgeous Grooming on a Shoestring Budget (Pt. 1) and enjoyed it – so here is Part 2!  The following tips are provided from one of Twitter’s favorite and funniest equestrian anon’s, Groom Secrets who has years of experience grooming for some of the top riders and trainers. Check out her second set of tips below so you can make sure you that you are your mount are looking like a million bucks without spending it:

  1. Hemorrhoid cream helps grow back hair. I have used it in areas that have been accidently clipped too short or areas where the skin is healing from a wound. It also helps reduce skin swelling.  Vitamin E oil works well to grow back hair if the area is very dry, like behind their elbows.
  2. If your horse has fungus, rub baby oil into the skin to help loosen the scabs and dead skin from the hair. This way, when you scrub and wash the area, less hair will be pulled out and you don’t have a big ugly bald spot.
  3. Athletes foot cream helps kill fungus or soothe scratches.
  4. Rubbing alcohol can be used as a cheap version of liniment, just spray on the legs and put on the standing wrap.
  5. The best way to keep a white horse white the day before a show is to wash with baby shampoo, let them dry completely, and then spray them with a shine spray (I like Santa Fe because it doesn’t make the hair slippery). The next morning if there are any stains they can be rubbed out with rubbing alcohol.
  6. Rubbing alcohol can also be used on sweaty horses that aren’t sweaty enough for a bath or if it’s too cold. Just spray on the sweaty area and rub out with a towel.
  7. If your horse needs medications, crush the pills or open the tablets and mix the powder in with applesauce. Dump it right on top of their food and most horses will eagerly eat it.
  8. Rub vasoline on the corners of the mouth if the bit rubs and causes sores.
  9. Powdered Gatorade can be mixed in a bucket of water and offered to a horse after a particularly difficult workout to help replace electrolytes.