Gorgeous Grooming on a Shoestring Budget (Pt. 1)



Cute to Boot was lucky enough to team up with everybody’s favorite groom on the circuit, @GroomSecrets! Enjoy Part 1 of this series on budget-friendly grooming tips to keep your horse looking his absolute best without spending all your hard earned cash.  Take a look:

We all know it all too well: horses are expensive. Luckily, you don’t need to go (even more) broke to take excellent care of your horse. Here are a few grooming hacks that only require a trip to the drug store and maybe a little elbow grease to help your horse look and feel his best. I always keep these well stocked in the barn and at shows.


  1. Mix 2 parts water to 1 part vinegar to clean moldy, musty tack. The vinegar helps kill fungus and prevent the spores from growing back.
  2. Buy your shampoos and conditioners at a drug store! They work just as well as the stuff they sell at the horse stores but for a few dollars. Scrub legs with baby shampoo daily to help prevent fungus and scratches. Especially good for horses with sensitive skin. Head and Shoulders or a similar antidandruff shampoo can be used in manes/tails the night before braiding to help reduce flakes and also help soothe the skin so they aren’t as itchy and dry (try this if your horse likes to rub). I like the Suave conditioner for tails because it’s really cheap and comes in pretty scents.
  3. Duct tape can be used for pretty much everything, we always keep a few rolls around the barn. I also like to keep a roll of black duct tape in my ringside bag in case a boot zipper breaks.
  4. Frozen peas and a polo wrap and be used to make a cheap alternative to pricey ice boots.
  5. Desitin or any other diaper rash ointment is a thick, bright white paste that can help soothe irritated skin. We also use it as shows to cover up scars or marks on white areas because it is so white and very sticky. It’s much cheaper and gentler than show touch up spray.
  6. Baby powder can be put under standing wraps to help keep the legs cool and dry. It can also be used in areas of friction if your horse has sensitive skin (under saddle pad or jumping boots, etc). Can also be put on white socks to make them extra white.
  7. Stockings can be used to polish tall boots. After applying a layer of polish (I like Kiwi), use a stocking stretched over your hand to buff like crazy. The friction will heat up and melt the polish, making your boots super shiny! We also stretch them over legs while walking from the barns to the show ring to keep dirt and dust off the legs and hooves.
  8. Diapers are an easy and cheap way to pack hooves.
  9. Pure vanilla extract is a nontoxic way to heal cuts and scrapes that are by the horse’s mouth. (sounds weird but our vet swears by it)
  10. Triple antibiotic works for any other areas

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post with further cost-saving grooming tips!


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